My Adventure: Seeing Peru, Machu Picchu and the Amazon

Every so often, we hear wonderful stories of travels to places near and far and how life-changing these experiences were. Recently, we talked with Maggie McGaughey (the granddaughter of one of our clients) about her recent trip to Peru, seeing Machu Picchu and visiting the Amazon rainforest. Enjoy!



Peru Orphanage

“The first stop on our trip was Lima, the main city. We visited an orphanage, which I think was the highlight of my trip. I got to spend some time with an adorable girl that was four years old, and she was very sad to see our group leave. There were a lot of fancy restaurants in the area, too – for one of the meals, we ate guinea pig (which tasted like greasy jerky and was pretty gross)!”



Peru Trip

“Our next stop was Cuzco, where we visited a local school and built a mud house as a service project for the local people. The villagers served us their local food, which was portioned in an interesting way… each fish was shared by multiple people, so one person ate the tail, one person the middle, and another the head.”


Incan Tour

Peru Trip

“Before we journeyed up Machu Picchu, we took the Incan tour where we explored the ruins and were able to look out and see Machu Picchu in the distance.”


Machu Picchu

Peru Trip

“We then took the bus tour up to Machu Picchu, so our walk to the site was only around two hours. Machu Picchu was beautiful!”


Back to Cuzco

“We then went back to Cuzco, where we got to shop for souvenirs and explore the area. I got to try some more local food – this time, I ate alpaca (which tasted like beef and was much better than the guinea pig).”


The Amazon Rainforest

Peru Trip

Peru Trip


Peru Trip

“We finished our trip by taking a trek on the Amazon, where we traveled on boats and went fishing for piranhas. I didn’t catch any, but one of the people next to me did. I did catch a baby shark, though! We also got to walk through the rainforest where I fed a monkey, which ended up jumping on my shoulders and sitting there while I fed it. We also got to climb up to a wooden platform that overlooked the forest canopy.”




We hope you enjoyed reading about Maggie’s adventure. Thank you to Maggie for the photos and the opportunity to interview her. If you have any questions about Peru or Machu Picchu, let us know in the comments below!