Changes to Carnival Cruise Line’s Liquor and Beverage Policy

Carnival Cruise Line has recently updated their Liquor and Beverage Policy to now restrict guests from bringing bottled beverages (alcohol or otherwise) onboard. More details from the policy are printed below:


• Guests are prohibited from bringing water, sodas and other non-alcoholic beverages onboard that are packaged in bottles.


• A small quantity of non-alcoholic beverages (i.e., sparkling water, sodas, juice, and milk) packaged in cans or cartons may be brought onboard on embarkation day only in guests’ carry-on luggage. A small quantity is considered a maximum of 12 sealed, unopened cans/cartons of 12 ounces each or less per person.


• Guests are prohibited from bringing alcoholic beverages on board with the following exception:


– At the beginning of the cruise during embarkation day only, guests (21 years of age and older) may bring one 750 ml bottle of sealed/unopened wine or champagne per person in their carry-on luggage.


– A $15 corkage fee (a charge exacted at a restaurant for every bottle of wine served that was not bought on the premises), per 750 ml bottle, will be charged should guests wish to consume their wine or champagne in the main dining room, steakhouse or bar.


• All liquor, beer, other forms of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages outside of the exceptions referenced above are strictly prohibited in both carry-on and checked luggage and such items will be confiscated and discarded and no compensation will be provided.


• All alcohol purchased in ports of call or in the Fun Shops will be returned on the morning of debarkation.


Guests are prohibited from bringing large coolers onboard since screening and movement of large coolers through embarkation is an impediment to the boarding and security process. However small, personal-sized coolers, no larger than 12″H x 12″L x 12″W for the purpose of housing small quantities of non-alcoholic beverages and/or medications are permitted as carry-on luggage.


To compensate for the inability to bring bottled beverages onboard, as part of this new policy Carnival has significantly reduced the pricing for spring bottled water which will be delivered directly to your stateroom. Pricing is as follows:


– $2.99 (plus tax) for a 12-pack of 500 ML of bottled water for pre-cruise purchase. You can visit to place your order before your cruise to ensure they have an ample supply onboard.

– $4.99 (plus gratuities) for a 12-pack of 500 ML of bottled water for purchase onboard.


“We sincerely apologize for any disappointment these changes may cause,” Arlene Marichal of Carnival Cruise Line states in her email to travel professionals, “however, we firmly believe this will result in a safer environment while also improving the embarkation process and the overall guest experience.”


What do you think of Carnival’s new policy? Do you have any questions regarding any of the terms? Let us know in the comments below!


Source: Carnival Cruise Line email, 7/7/15